Family unit disintegration and generational gaps, major contributors in suicide cases amongst youths

Gwen Mugauri |  8 months ago | local

Experts say dis-integration of the family unit, generational gaps and lack of communication due to socio-cultural boundaries, are the major contributors driving a surge in suicide cases amongst the youths in the country. 

Zimpapers radio news spoke to youth advocacy group SayWhat executive director Jimmy Wilford, College of marriage, parenting and family affairs founder, Dr Justice Marwisa, and mental health advocate Tanatswa Chikaura.

The country has experienced a surge in suicide cases.

Recently, Great Zimbabwe University and a Harare Polytechnic college student reportedly committed suicide after they were dumped by their girlfriends.

The latter's girlfriend also committed suicide.

There is another case of a grade three pupil from Queensdale primary school who reportedly hanged himself after the mother reprimanded him for beating his sibling.