Fuel prices continue to decrease

Online Desk |  9 months ago | local

Prices of fuel continue to register a marginal decrease with the Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority (ZERA) officially pegging the cost of a litre of petrol at one US dollar 50 cents from one US dollar 55 cents at the beginning of the week. 

According to ZERA a litre of diesel fell from one dollar 66 cents to one dollar 62 cents.

A snap survey at some service stations in Harare shows that the prices of both diesel and petrol is ranging an average one US dollar 45 cents per litre.

The decline is likely to give motorists cheers this festive season in the wake of high global prices of petroleum products as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  

At the end of July government intervened through tax relief for those importing petrol and diesel after prices reached an average one US dollar 90 cents per litre at a time there were pointers the cost could breach the two us dollar per litre mark.