Ramaphosa consulting stakeholders over recommendations of report: Magwenya

Online desk |  1 month ago | international

The presidential spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya says President Ramaphosa is consulting key stakeholders over the recommendations of the Section 89 Panel report.

The President was expected to address South Africans over the issue last night.

Magwenya says this is not a process that can be conducted in haste.

“We appreciate and understand as to how an expectation and address to the nation will rise because of high levels of interests on the matter. We appreciate the enormity of the issue, what it means for the country and the stability of government and as a result of that he is still processing the report.” he adds

He says, “The President must consider what is in the best interests of the country, economic stability and sustaining the economic reforms that have been undertaken.”

Meanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal African National Congress, (ANC) Secretary, Bheki Mtolo says President Ramaphosa and the party must learn from mistakes of the recent past.

Mtolo has likened the Phala Phala matter to former President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla saga. He has called on Ramaphosa to do the right thing.

He elaborates, “The right thing is to say, even if you consciously believe you have not done something wrong in your own understanding, you would say as an individual yes, but I think I must just put the interest of the country and I’m sure if it was Nelson Mandela, he would resign. 

We have learned one thing is that you don’t repeat same mistake that you have learned from the past.”