President takes Zimbabwe's climate change fight to Egypt

By Online Desk |  10 months ago | local

Zimbabwe takes its argument for developed countries, to speedily release a promised 100 billion United States Dollars, for developing nations to fight climate change, to Egypt where President Emmerson Mnangagwa today joins over 90 Heads of State and Governments, as well as at least 30 000 delegates for the COP27 climate change conference.

The president is also expected to stand by his stance from COP 26 in Glasgow Scotland last year, where he called on developed nations to allow developing countries to continue use coal as a form of energy, while transitioning to renewable sources.

Developed countries had pushed for a total ban in coal use, however developing states argued that the richer countries are what they are today, as they used coal in the past.

Zimbabwe is currently expanding Hwange Thermal power station, which uses coal to generate electricity, while developed countries are now turning to the fossil fuel due to gas shortages, as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ministry of Environment Climate Tourism and Hospitality Industry Climate Change Management Department Director Washington Zhakata, who is already in Egypt, told Zimpapers radio news that the 100 billion United States Dollar promise, is set to top the agenda.