Embrace the clean up campaign – Minister Ncube

Chronicle Reporter |  10 months ago | local

BULAWAYO Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Judith Ncube on Friday urged members of the public to embrace the national clean-up campaign so that clean, safe and healthy environments around the city are maintained.

President Mnangagwa declared that the first Friday of every month between 8AM and 10AM should be dedicated to the national clean-up exercise.

Environment Management Agency (EMA) officials, Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) and other stakeholders participated in the clean-up conducted at Nguboyenja ground.

Addressing participants, Minister Ncube pleaded with residents that they should continue being good stewards of the environment and make deliberate efforts to keep a clean environment.

“This clean-up is premised around community based environmental initiatives that inspire and empower communities to clean up their surroundings and conserve their environment for the benefit of their communities and country. The main thrust of this month’s clean up campaign is to clear storm drains since we are now in the rainy season,” said Minister Ncube.

She said the clean-up campaigns are all encompassing of everyone from various sectors. She said the involvement of everyone, especially the business community is crucial to foster the sustainable change that is needed through the monthly clean up campaigns.

Minister Ncube challenged all economic sectors in the city to think about a sustainable mechanism for sustaining the program and implementing the best waste management strategies.

“We continue to plead with the general public to desist from dumping their waste at illegal sites. We need to be good stewards of this environment and be careful to not devalue it through our own actions. Illegal dumping tarnishes the beauty of the city especially in the central business district. It is thus the duty of every citizen to report anyone seen dumping their waste at undesignated sites,” said Minister Ncube.

The minister requested that members of the public be ambassadors of the city and take care of it as their treasure.

She said it is pleasing to know that companies such as Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), resident’s associations, health clubs and businesses have adopted zones for care and maintenance where they are constantly conducting clean up campaigns.

Minister Ncube said these are such initiatives that have to be seen growing indicating that the message brought out by these clean up campaigns is reaching its targeted audience and that the impact is being full-filled.

“I would like to thank you and applaud all of you for your consistent efforts in being involved in the national clean up campaigns and some who even conduct clean up campaigns beyond the set up clean up campaigns. It is only achievable through the combined efforts of working together in unison to restore a clean nation for everyone,” said the Minister.