Kwekwe family exhumes body for reburial at family shrine

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent |  10 months ago | local

A family in Kwekwe has been forced to exhume the remains of one of their family members for reburial at their rural home in Chipinge, Manicaland province amid claims that the deceased’s burial in the Midlands province town was causing family misfortunes.

The relative died in 1992 and was buried at Amaveni cemetery.

The family is said to hold the belief that this has been causing them misfortune leading to elders deciding on reburying the departed relative in their rural area.

Our news crew visited Amaveni Cemetery where the exhumation process was taking place under the watchful eye of personnel from Kwekwe City Council’s health department, Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Registrar General’s Office.

A family member refused to grant the media an interview saying the family prefers it to be a private event.

Some sources however said family members were having sleepless nights with their late relative complaining that he was dumped.

Ward 7 Councillor Charles Juta also witnessed the exhumation.

“But he said he could not comment on behalf of the family, especially about the reasons for the exhumation as they requested that their issues remain private.