Leona Chodokufa |  1 year ago | Entertainment

Voltz-Jt real name Nkosilathi Sibiya, has released his first album “Life of Muvhimi”, this Monday morning.

One of the best hip hop artist at the moment held his album launch at Alex Sports Club on Friday last week.

His awaited album was supposed to be released the following day after the launch on all music platforms. There was a delay in the release of the album due so some reasons that were not revealed.

Guest appearing on this album include Dobba Don, Tamy Moyo, Suhn and Galis Kush.

Track list

1. The Life of Muvhimi

2. Jamba MaNumber

3. Dollar Deals ft. Suhn

4. Uri Wangu ft. Dobba Don

5. Mangwana

6. Slick Pastor Interlude

7. Rerukai

8. Kwedu Tiri Two

9. Pfuurai Nekuno, Pt 2

10. Kure (Special Version) ft. Galis Kush