Call to end Mugodhi church rivalry

Online Desk |  1 year ago | local

Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church members have called upon relevant authorities to intervene and help quell a stalemate that has emerged in the church over leadership positions.

The impasse has already resulted in a formation of a splinter group, a development that has seen the rival parties engaging in violent clashes.

Addressing congregants in Chishiri, Buhera West yesterday Mugodhi Apostolic faith Church in Zimbabwe Bishop Washington Mugodhi said the church should play a role in nation building and violence should not have a stay.

“As a church we must ensure that we maintain peace amongst ourselves, there is no need for us to engage in violent activities, also we should take leading role in making sure that our children are educated,” he said.

“As we are now preparing for our annual gathering to be held in Wedza let us all refrain from violence as a church and continue to follow the set rules in the communities we live and assist traditional leaders in making sure that the country moves forward.

“An as we prepare for our gathering we should make sure that we comply with the government's regulations on the fight against covid-19 as the disease is still with us,” he said.

The formation of a splinter group in the church emerged in August 2019 after Bishop Washington Mugodhi was appointed leader of the church by his late father Tadewu Mugodhi.

This did not go well with other congregates and has resulted in members engaging in physical attacks and also triggered legal battles.

in an interview the church's legal chairperson Tendai Mangani appealed to the government for assistance saying the rivalry has negatively impacted ordinary members.

“Since the death of our leader we have been under a series of attacks from a splinter group which was against the appointment of our current church leader," he said.

 “We are appealing to authorities, especially the government, to come on board and assist us so that justice prevails. We have a court ruling in our favor but this splinter group keeps on violating it."

Yesterday’s Mugodhi’s service was held to map a way forward for the forthcoming Easter holidays and was graced by Buhera West legislator Hon Soul Nzuma who had time to interact with the church leadership.