Cloud seeding starts amid prolonged dry spell.

Online Desk |  1 year ago | local

The Meteorological Services Department says it has commenced cloud-seeding in order to encourage rainfall after a prolonged dry spell.

Met department deputy director, Linia Gopo said the department has faced a lot of challenges as cloud seeding can only be successful under the right conditions. 

Mrs Gopo said farmers in some areas are already counting losses, as the late planted maize, sugarbeans and soyabeans have been affected by the dry conditions. 

She said, cloud-seeding requires certain conditions and thresholds, starting with clouds that can potentially bring rain. If hazy clouds are seeded they simply evaporate and no rain falls.

The Met Department indicated in September 2021 that it had all the resources required to conduct cloud-seeding during the present rainfall season, should need arise.

Government set a budget and there were also two planes, one stationed at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo and the other at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare for use when there is need for cloud-seeding.

Some parts of the country have been receiving rains during the past few days although the condition of crops has continued deteriorating in other areas.