The Cross Over

8 February, 2017. Starfm Zimbabwe

1200- 1500
Presented by Dj Mox featuring Noxy the producer

The show is an expression of urban culture and is presented by an operator who is deeply entrenched in it. Popular features include the Afro Playlist where the continent’s urban music takes centre stage . The Hiphop Havok ,House Breaking 30 and The Cypher are some of the other features that Mox has merged with his artistic way of presenting hits. Check out the College of Knowledge every Thursday where High Schools battle it out for honours in a grueling quiz show! Get some Moxigen and get Moxinated!

Shingai Mokina aka DJ Mox The Moxinator host of TXO The Cross Over.  He’s your girlfriends favorite DJ “yeah baby” (still to be confirmed), tune in every weekday 12-3pm and “you’ll be Moxinated”.

  • Dee

    I thought he presents txo

    • Harian Manda

      The Crossover aka TXO