The Breeze

13 February, 2017. Starfm Zimbabwe

0900 – 1200
Presented by Tariro Mazvarirofa (T-A-R-I-R-O)

Interspersed with good music, T-A-R-I-R-O talks candidly about issues that affect women on a day to day basis. With a loyal army of “Breezers” she looks at relationships, taking care of the home, health, wealth and just …., keeping a sister’s head above the water. It’s a not-to-be-missed magazine show for today’s woman who is a mother, wife and a career person. Men also tune in to get a better understanding of the female psyche.

Tariro Mazvarirwofa aka Ta-ri-ro “and don’t you ever forget it”, Ma Judah, one half of The Breeze, sassy, bubbly, and she knows what time it is.