Royal wedding in Mawabeni

King Mambo (Mike Moyo) with his 2nd Queen Priscilla Percy Ndlovu during their colourful wedding ceremony held at Mawabeni in Umzingwane District in Matabeleland South yesterday

Umzingwane constituency National Assembly member Retired Brigadier General Levy Mayihlome says monarchies and central government can co exist in Zimbabwean adding that debate on the subject should be open.

He was addressing guests at the wedding of King Mambo Dr Mike Moyo and his second wife Queen Priscilla Percy Ndlovu in Mawabeni, Umzingwane District Matabeleland South province on Sunday.
“There is no conflict in having a monarchy in a democratic country led by an executive President. Our constitution says we are a unitary state without a monarch but in other countries like South Africa they have many kings not just one.
“The monarchy is in charge of culture and tradition in that set up and it won’t affect a constitutional democracy. I do not see any conflict there. I believe we must have an open dialogue as a country about having monarchs. Our cultures are different. We have many languages and different cultures which must be respected so that we have unity in diversity as a people,” Retired Brigadier General Mayihlome said.

Meanwhile, King Mambo, who was installed last year at a ceremony attended by at least 80 chiefs from the country, urged men to follow traditional procedures when entering into polygamy.

“I want to encourage all men in the country to stop small houses. If you need another wife our culture allows us to do so. Let us do things that are lawful in our culture as African people. This helps us fight diseases like HIV.
“Families must have family courts to educate and bring peace to partners who are having marital problems to avoid the high numbers of divorce cases we are witnessing. During my ancestor Mambo’s time, women were respected and elders played an important role in building families,” King Mambo said.