Musicians must embrace the digital world

story by Vivian

Zimbabwean musicians must embrace digital world in order to create new sounds that can push their names forward, author Luckson Makandire Chikutu wrote in his recently published book “Flashback Identity”In the cultural book Chikutu said though there was need to embrace our local culture, it was important for musicians to take a leaf from global musicians who have used technology to advance their work.

Under the chapter Music Development through technology, the author-cum musician said technology can increase spread any art form.
“Thanks to technological development, artistes can increasingly spread their art forms.In Addition, there are more courses available for artistes such as Music Business Programmes, Cultural Schools and Music Schools that can assist artistes with knowledge to develop their talents and adopt business models,” he said.
Chikutu said there was need for them to realise their potentials and monitise their talents.

“Today, there is musical education worldwide, which will affect the music industry in the future. Artistes now start to open their eyes and learn about their rights and recording companies which allows them to understand how valuable they really are,” he said.
He went on to explain how law is also an important aspect that every musician should understand.

“Law is an important component of the music world because there are now a lot of disputes in the industry. Musicians must sign contracts in the presents of lawyers to prevent or avoid disputes,” reads the book.
Chikutu also explained the development of traditional music and several cultural aspects.
“When I wrote this book I wanted the future generations to learn more about it, I am glad that people understand it. I will engage the authorities in the country so that it can be used as a set book in schools,” he said.