Harare Agricultural Show

    Show Grounds

    Climate change has become an everyday phrase. But it was especially in vogue leading to and following the Paris Climate Summit in December 2015. The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) added its voice, complementing efforts by various stakeholders, when it adopted for the year 2015 the annual theme, “Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: Managing Climate Change”. During 2016 the ZAS, of necessity, adopted the theme “Climate Resilience: The New Agricultural Frontier” signifying a shift in focus from “awareness” to “action”. There is a gap between knowing and doing. We now know that public information about climate change does not necessarily positively correlate with pro-environmental behavior, so illuminating and highlighting the benefits of addressing climate change could likely inspire more climate change action. That action must be premised on integrating mitigation and adaptation measures into our agricultural routines to make farming sustainable, productive and viable to ensure and assure food and nutrition security for Zimbabwe. This long, necessary and arduous journey continues.

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