326 Express


The biggest Drive Show in Zimbabwe with Her Royal-Fly-ness,KVG ,ALONGSIDE THE INCORRIGIBLE Phatisani Sibanda.This pair gives listeners their take on different sociaetal issues ,plenty of information and great music. They are controversial, out spoken and free spirited…..they are a great radio experience. This top-rated show has taken the nation by storm , re-callibrated radio presentation and catapulted the two int radio-super STARdom.

Kudzai Violet Gwara aka KVG “Raaaa” Royalty is in the building, brings you “the super sound of Zimbabwean radio” she’s young, trendy, almost salad, likes to dress up and smell good. Phathisani Sibanda aka Mukwasha mboko, Shumba pazvese, chibaba baba chacho “it’s for all body” anechibharanzi chinobhadara, he speaks seven languages, street wise ende anogaya ndewe ongororo nedzombongororo.


  1. wow l love you guys and we are with you all the way from cyprus.l wanna say hie to chapfika(lily,lettie,libby,leo,oslie) and ushewekunze family

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