Star FM visits Mbira Centre

Star FM visits Mbira Centre

22 July 2017- Harare – Star FM presenters and local music producers will on Sunday visit the Mbira centre as part of the station‘s way of promoting and appreciating home grown music production.

Mbira Centre Project Host Mr Albert Chimedza confirmed the visit saying it was a major milestone for the centre as the visit presents an opportunity to make mbira a national instrument that crosses ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

“What Star FM is doing is of great significance to us and I believe the country as a whole,” said Mr Chimedza.

“We have never had a media group afford its staff a chance to look at mbira in this manner before and as a professional resource.

“I believe this visit will help spread the mbira gospel to many social groups on many levels, giving the mbira the place it deserves as it is one of the greatest musical instrument Zimbabwean musicians are using to tell their stories,” he said.

Mr Chimedza said the centre appreciated the attention Zimpapers has been giving towards arts and urged other media organisations to do the same.

“Zimpapers is the largest media house and we are honoured with the attention the group is giving towards promoting arts and we encourage other media organisation to follow suit.

“We also hope that teachers and school administrators will, through this effort by Star FM, enthusiastically embrace the inclusion of mbira in the education system under the new curriculum, and make visits of this nature to the Mb ira Centre,” said Mr Chimedza.

Star FM has set aside the month of July, themed #zimthulikazi, to promote home grown music through affording airplay to local music only and profiling of local artists.

In addition to that, the station has also dubbed the month of August as the month of legends, where they celebrate the contribution made by various people towards the growth of various sectors in the country, with the arts sector topping the list.

Also as part of the drive, the station in June honoured Nicholas ‘Madzibaba’ Zachariah with a legendary award for the contribution he has made in the music industry.

Star FM Programming Manager Itai Takaendesa said they were looking forward to the visit and participants will learn about what and how the mbira can contribute to the work of broadcasters and music producers of all genres.

“We will be given an introductory mbira lesson and will explore the mbira creative possibilities during a team building exercise,” she said.

“I am positive this will give us an appreciation of the mbira as a resource instrument and understand the history behind this musical instrument.”

The programme will include mbira performances and demonstrations by mbira professionals, a film screening and presentations by Professors Mandivamba Rukuni and Mhoze Chikowero, renowned mbira player David Gweshe and Rushinga based Matepe player James Kamwanza will serenade the crowd.

Zimpapers, which houses Star FM, partnered the National Arts Gallery this year to provide coverage and afford artists from all walks of life space to showcase their talents across all their platforms.


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