FOR Faith Napazi dumping her accounting tools for a chance of living by pulling a guitar’s strings and playing thebanjo to produce the sweet, cool and mature sound of Afro Jazz has proved to be a master stroke. Faith also known as “Faithcandy” in the musical circles, recently launched her fourth album, “Ndisiyei Zvangu”, to her name.The new offering from the accountant turned Afro Jazz diva was produced in collaboration with Australian based Mabasa Lennox Ziyambi, who also goes by the name “Bazucka” in the music world.

In an interview, Faithcandy said the album was mainly a tool she was using to encourage other people who have talent in different fields, but are being discouraged by what detractors may be saying about the arts genre.

This, she says has been what she has been going through since she launched her musical career some three years back.

“When I started, and even up to now most people have always been talking behind my back about how I chose to pursue a musical career since I am a fully qualified accountant having graduated with a local university.

“People say a lot about what different people do and all I am saying in this album is that, music is my talent and people should just leave me and let me be because it is my choice, and it is what I know best”, Faithcandy said.

The nine track Afro Jazz album, “Ndisiyei Zvangu” includes songs such as, “Ndisiyei Zvangu”, “Sei ndisingakude”, “Wandirasa”, “Masango anoera”, “Mowanirwe nyasha”, “Gehena”, “Kurauone and Mai vevana”, respectively.
According to Bazucka, who doubles as Faithcandy’s manager and is also an established Afro Jazz artiste in his own right, Faith is a budding musician, who since switching from the RnB genre has shown a lot of prowess and promise.

The two artistes teamed up together to work for the first time on the album “Evil Forest” that was released in 2015, while “Ndisiyei Zvangu” is the pairs’ second Afro Jazz album.

“We started singing Jazz music together in 2015 when we released our first album ‘Evil forest’, which was well received. Our second album now, ‘Ndisiyei Zvangu’ released last week.

“As a fellow artiste, I can say Faithcandy has developed a lot and proved that she has music talent and I am looking forward to continue working with her and helping her out whenever I can since I am now a seasoned Afro Jazz artiste.

“I am impressed by the way she transformed from one genre (RnB) to the more mature Afro Jazz”, said Bazucka.

The album will be marketed both locally and internationally by an online music distribution site for Zimbabwean music called Jive Zimbabwe, while another Australian based firm called Drumbeat Promotions owned by Bazucka will be promoting the album “Ndisiyei Zvangu” from Zimbabwe to Australia.

Ndisiyei Zvangu comes on the back heels of Faith’s RnB albums that include “Runako Rwangu” (2013) and “Ndinokuda” (2013).

The year 2015 saw Faithcandy make the great leap to Afro Jazz where she has been working together with Bazucka

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