New look Antivirus, from left Victor Madzura, Anthony Banana, Prince Dube and new addition Stewart Kwenda. Pic courtesy of Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya AFTER going into hibernation for a year due to a split, four-member, dance group Anti-virus has returned to the entertainment scene with a collaboration track with Cal_Vin.
The track, which is titled, So Fly, reintroduces the dance group to the music scene and was performed at Horizon Night Club on Saturday.

Now under the management of renowned MC and television personality Arthur Evans, Antivirus brought the house down much to the awe of their fans who were eagerly waiting to see the quartet on stage.

So Fly is a party track and talks about the hottest chick in the night club, and when they performed the track it proved to be a hit as the crowd took to the dance floor in a frenzy.

The group split due to differences a year ago with other members such as Ricco Andrews pursuing solo careers.

Now they have come back together albeit without Andrews who has been since replaced by Stewart Kwenda with other group members, Anthony Banana, Prince Dube and Victor Madzura completing the group.
One of the group members, Banana, said that the split was caused by lack of management which they have since resolved.

“Well, what really killed the spirit was the fact that we did not have proper management and gig promoters would never pay us at times so that was very discouraging and we decided to go our separate ways.

“And now we have a new manager, Arthur Evans, who we met last year when we performed at Kalawa 2015. We are looking forward to changing the entertainment atmosphere in Bulawayo,” said Banana.

He said they were prepared to dazzle their fans with new moves and music.

“We are going to bring back the dance that the people of Zimbabwe loved so much coupled with our own music. So Fly will have a video coming soon so people need to keep posted on that…..and this time around we are coming back for good,” Banana said.

In 2012, Antivirus won the Best Dance Crew in Zimbabwe and since their comeback they are now pursuing dance, hip hop and R’n’B.

Meanwhile, one of the up-and-coming hip hop acts, Bantu Lords, performed several tracks which sent the crowd at Horizon into a frenzy.

One of their members, Thando Kanye, said they are delighted by the support they are getting from Bulawayo fans.

“We are proud to be pushing the hip hop culture to higher levels in Bulawayo,” he said.

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